Spare Parts

Our archives keep all technical documents of plants and apparatuses manufactured since 35 years.

As a supplier of apparatuses integrated in more complex plants or systems manufactured by most important Engineering and Contracting companies around the Europe, we are able to supply spare parts for Power Supply and Electric Conversion systems installed by the following companies around the World.

Main contractors

ABB Energy Automation
ABB Solution
Elsag Bailey
Hartmann & Braun
SIE Forney
FIAT Turbogas (Gas Turbine Technology)
Philips Automation - S&I
Agip Libya

Our Technical Staff requires, for a correct identification of the spare part, the following informations

Key Informations

Historic names of the plant owners
Trade name of the system manufacturer where our product is installed
Apparatus type (ie: Power supply, Converter, Inverter, etc)
Serial Number
Drawing Number
Material List Number
Trouble shooting short description
Type and drawing's items for required spare parts

All requests, with the above listed key informations enclosed, may be sent to the following addresses

Requests sending

Surface or Air Mail: DR Tecnologie Srl - Via Molise,10 - 20090 Limito (MI) - Italy
Fax:     +39-02.926.6024 Attention: Spare Parts Service
Email:  spare@drtec.com

The spare parts shooting service is free of cost. For this reason all request partly or uncompletely filled with all the necessary key informations will not be taken into consideration.

D.R. Tecnologie S.r.l. - 20090 Limito (MI) - Italy - Tel +39-02.926.6191 - Fax +39-02.926.6024