ADR Contracts

The main reason to buy an electric continuity system is to warrant the right operations of the electric equipment system also in worst conditions of the AC Mains public network. Therefore we expect that the bought system, in direct or alternate current, will be efficient and right working for a long life period normally better than 10 years. With these preliminary statements, is it acceptable, perhaps, to not foresee a right maintenance to a so important system? And who, better than the original manufacturer, may know all characteristics, performances and maintenance requirements of a machine designed by himself? For these reasons DRTecnologie has arranged a maintenance service on three level: Scheduled, Operational and Unscheduled (S-O-U) that spreads on four packets tailored to more different needs of cost and performances.


Contract type Document
ADR Zero ADR Base ADR Italy ADR Plus


Warranted Spare parts

Drawing-up an ADR maintenance contract, DRTecnologie warrants the supply of original spare parts or, in case of unavailable components on the market, the supply of equivalent parts verified on compatibility. Many services comprise in the cost also the supply of spare parts that are classified in homogeneous classes.


Increased Quality Services

Electric Energy Quality

Many years after the installation of a continuity system, the plant's requirements and the main electric source's performances may drastically change. DRTecnologie have all the instruments to measure, in short or long period, all the datas so that is possible to obtain the following answers.

- Presence of anomalies on the incoming line, monitoring at least for 30 days (microinterruptions, surges, sags and long period instabilities)

- Presence of anomalies on the ground voltages monitoring for short or long periods

- Instantaneous overloads in the electrical system not foreseen in the original project.

Standard and Laws upgrades

The use of power systems with more than ten-fifteen years of operating life is sometime source of doubts regarding the compliance of the complete electrical system to recent Standards and Directives. As a rule is not mandatory to adeguate the machineries to recent standards but some local laws require to adeguate the plant to warrant safe conditions to operating personnel; these upgrades involve in many cases also UPSs and Generating Sets. DRTecnologie has all the knowledge to take measures, analyses and processing necessary to give sure answers to these problems.

Batteries upgrade

Also in the batteries area the technologic evolution has permitted to have more compact products with reduced needs of maintenance. Anyway is necessary to take into consideration that the working life of modern lead acid accumulators is considerable lower than the expected life of an industrial continuity system: is frequent the necessity to adeguate the continuity systems to new models of accumulators. DRTecnologie is able to do only the upgrade of the UPS or to supply and install also the accumulator battery.

Remote monitoring

In particular cases, when the personnel's presence in the plant is not foreseen, DRTecnologie may install, on each apparatus manufactured by us, monitoring devices connected with remote stations by means of GSM telephones. Particular settings of the monitoring system permit to detect at distances of thousands kilometers all the analog and digital quantities at the cost of a phone call.















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