where electric energy is a necessary condition ...

... there we are.

Our activities

DRTecnologie was established more than 40 years ago to operate in development, production and installation of systems and apparatuses for the conversion and regulation of electric energy. From simple isolation transformers to more complex static and dynamic UPSes for the supply of the auxiliary apparatuses of a Thermoelectric Power Plant, our products are recognized  for reliability, quality and long life. This long years experience permits us to assert our supremacy on the supply of these systems in Italy and around the world. From Hospitals to Telecommunication Centers,  from Refineries to Defense Systems, from Airports to Supercomputers, from Data Processing to Stock Exchanges, everywhere is necessary to warrant continuity, reliability and electric energy supply quality, our company is able to propose, since 40 years, a suitable solution.

Our history

Our company was founded in 1956 by Mr. Domenico Da Ros. He was, until that time, director of the Power Supply Laboratories of the Telettra Company (the most important italian manufacturer for radiotelephony apparatuses); he decided to undertake a proper autonomous activity dedicated to development and manufacturing of electric conversion apparatuses, using, as regulating devices, magnetic amplifiers. Our company produced, first in Italy, automatic alternators regulators, completely static and made with magnetic amplifiers and selenium rectifiers. The  introduction in the market, during the first ’60 years, of large silicon diodes allowed the manufacturing of large battery charger rectifiers (110 V – 500 A) completely static and automatic; few years after was available on the market power thyristors (SCR) and successively power transistors that allowed to develop sophisticated static conversion systems from direct current to alternate current that was manufactured in the past only using ro­tating machines. The power semiconductor components’ evolution, during the following years, strictly combined with highly sophisticated magnetic devices, developed and produced inside our factory, had permitted to make electric converters with commutation frequencies near to radiofrequency (200 kHz); this characteristic is the key to reduce apparatuses’ volume down to specific powers better than 200 W / dm3. Since 1991 the Da Ros S.r.l. company, that had the name of his founder, changed proper denomination assuming the actual one.

Our track

The acquired experience during 40 years of activities, permit us to face the future challenges in a field that may appear so common. Some times the electric energy supply is underestimated during the project of sophisticated automation systems in the industrial, railways, information technology and telecomunication fields. The fact that sometime the “plug” unplugs by itself is too late to realize. Much better to apply to some expert, to trust on, without the risk to buy very costly and probably very perfect Uninterruptible Problems Source (UPS).

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